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Restoring lost photos and even lost files might be very difficult to do for a lot of individuals all over the world as it might require a lot of procedures and even software to use. However, even if you are using personal computers local hard driver or memory cards, you can download our software that have the main purpose of restoring files and other documents and provides free scan and free files preview. Download software now !



  • Restore all files or photos
  • Restore HDD, USB & Card
  • Free scan 
  • Friendly step by step

Download size only- 4.8 BM

Remove at anytime from the control panel


Restore Your Deleted Files at Ease


This is very possible in this software as it will allow you to attach and compile all of the important files and documents into the full recover and backup drive. Other types of recovery software don’t have this particular feature and advantage as they might lead you to ineffective solutions.

With this preview of files and photos for free, you can be sure that your files and any other documents will not be lost. This software will first scan your device and right after this process, it will also let you preview all the recoverable files in a particular window. This will allow you to not waste time by just relaying on a file name for you to verify all of the files that are recoverable.

The software has a lot of features that you can benefit from. The first feature of this software is that it will recover all memory cards. This software can be used in a lot of products and brands such as Samsung, Canon and a lot more. Another feature of this software is the fact that it is very easy to use. Even with no possible technical background, you can use the software without having difficulties. It’s just that you only need to follow all of the steps on the recovery wizard. The company that offers this software also makes sure that they will let you preview the software before you buy one. This will let you preview the files and documents that should be backed up before the software perform its job. Aside from this feature, it also has a lifetime recovery license. The license of this software will be on a particular computer only. For any additional device, you also need to purchase an additional license.

There are lots of reasons why you need to have this software than any other products with same purpose. The most important reason why you need to have this software than any other software is the convenience that it provides. Without having any difficulties and conflicts, you can be sure that the software will do the rest of the job for you. Flexibility is also an important reason why you need to choose this software as it can handle any problem in backing up files and documents of any brand of device.

Recovering files might be very easy as there are only four steps that you will do when you use this software. The first step is by inserting the memory card followed by selecting a scan. After these primary steps on how to back up files, you should preview the files as there is a window that can display all of the available files. Purchasing a license and recovering files are the last steps to complete the scanning procedure.